Cycling: The Gear You Need

With the amount cycling gear available in the market, it can be bewildering for anyone who has just purchased their first cycle. A little bit of research will help you with what kind of gear is essential and which ones are just “cool” to have. You can stretch your budget over many more accessories if you know which ones are necessary and which ones you can postpone for a bit.

Just like any other sport, there are some unsaid rules or cliques that are followed. The clothes that are worn, the shoes, the bike, the gear and everything else associated with the sport has a certain style and everyone follows the unsaid rule and does the same. So, how does one fit in? Are there do’s and don’ts? Obviously not! But you will fit in better if you follow the trend.

To set you up with the best accessories you will need for your cycle, it is necessary to split them into Essentials and Non-Essentials. With the assumption that you will be cycling outdoors here are some of the best accessories on


Safety: Safety should be your primary concern and for that, you will need a good helmet, and lights (if there may be some late evening rides). Helmets are an absolute necessity and should not be avoided at any cost. Lights do two things for you, it not only shows you the way but does the important job of making you visible when you are out riding in the night. It is not possible that you will find lit roads everywhere and this will help you be prepared.

Pumps, spares, and tools: The emergency kit you carry will be the difference between being stuck for long hours in wet or dark conditions and getting out of there in a jiffy. There are various pumps available in the market but choose one that is not too heavy and will do the job sufficiently for you. A good set of spares and tools should have a multi-tool (something that can fix your brakes, tighten your saddle and so on) and maybe a spare tire or even glueless patches.

Lock: A good decent lock will prevent someone from stealing accessories or other things you may have stored. Most flimsy locks can be picked easily and hence you will do well to spend a tad bit more and buy a U-lock that can fit into your back pocket easily. Not only are these strong but with the addition of a wire, you can keep your front tires safe as well.


Clothing: While clothing can be put in the essentials category, if you love the lycra look that most cyclists sport, then these are sure to pinch your pockets a tad bit more. They offer great comfort and the fact that some of the best technology is used to create clothes that absorb your sweat efficiently, make it even more attractive.

Pedals: When your cycling skills have improved drastically and you have started to add quite a few miles to your everyday workout, an investment in clipless pedals will not only improve your glamor quotient but will help you affix your legs firmly to your bike.

Shoes: Cycling shoes come in a wide range of options, which have rigid soles and uppers as well. What this accomplishes is that it allows you to transfer the weight/power to the pedals, while providing extra support and relief for tired and achy legs on those long rides. They are extremely helpful in preventing cramps in your feet. You can purchase a basic one or go all out, either way, ensure that comfort should never be compromised.

Technology: Let’s face it, it is really no fun if you are not going to be able to see the statistics of your ride- how far you have cycled, how fast you’ve done it, what your heart rate is at and so on. This information is provided by apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone. If carrying your smartphone around is not your thing, how about bike computers which can record data and relay it back to you! Knowing all this information will help you to better yourself and your statistics.

Whatever the accessories, cycling every day will ensure you remain in the pick of your health.

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